I sometimes try to build things from nothing, and I work with good people who are building things.

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Jordan Breighner

I’m an entrepreneur. I love finding ways to leverage creativity, design, and storytelling to solve big complicated problems. I love ideas that are so crazy that they might just work. I’m obsessed with diving into what makes people tick, and getting a deep understanding of how people engage with the world.

The first thing you need to know about me is that I spent 16 years of my life throwing myself down a mountain at nearly 80mph on two wooden sticks trying to make the Olympic Ski Team. I never made the team, but gained an appetite for risk, two new knees, and an education on how to solve problems on the fly. 

I learned about the power of analysis and culture when I helped elect a president by leveraging data working on the 2008 Obama Campaign for the Targeting and Analytics team.

At the White House/Homeland Security, I learned the value of public service and how to navigate big and complicated bureaucracies (and how much I dislike them). In the meantime, I made a small contribution to modernizing the federal government through technology. 

Working at SS+K, I learned the power of creativity, design, and storytelling and worked on creative consulting projects for Chevy, CAA, The Milwaukee Brewers, The Department of Education, and Cónde Nast. 

The four years I spent building and running Coolhouse Labs, I learned the art and science of early stage investing, product development, and the power of narrative. I learned that through determination, courage, and the ability to learn on the fly you can build something that can have a real-lasting impact on the world. I got a "Masters in Entrepreneurship", by juggling investing in 17 companies, running three programs, working with 45 founders, 70 + mentors, 20 + investors, and making sure the lights stayed on and the bathroom was clean (it's a shitty job but someone had to do it). 

Currently, I'm consulting with early stage entrepreneurs by helping them build the tools necessary to handle the various problems they will phase as they grow their company - everything from fundraising, hiring, marketing, branding, narrative, and helping CEO's figure things out. I'm a big believer that you have to know where you are, where you came from, and where you want to go and be able to communicate that to all of your stakeholders if you want to be successful. 

I grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan and love spending time on the water. You’ll often find me on my bike, with my dog in the woods, or in my favorite coffee shop. After bouncing between the east coast and the midwest for my adult life, I'm happy to be back in NYC.

Current Projects:

Patch Homes - Working hand in hand with the CEO and founder on corporate strategy, capital markets, narrative, and branding. 

TRNK - I currently serve on the board and am a Senior Advisor working with the CEO on strategy, performance marketing, and brand development. 

Middle Market PE Consulting - I advise a Middle Market PE group with $1.5 Billion AUM on branding, messaging, and market positioning.